Sport is not only good for our physical condition and shape, but also for building a more positive attitude towards our lives. It gives us a tone, loads us with good emotions and makes us more active people!

Swimming is a sport that is beneficial to almost everyone in the body, increases overall tone and helps the body and mind relax after a workout. 

The Sports Package includes:

  • 1 overnight stay in the stylish setting of the 4-star Panorama Hotel

  • Breakfast

  • Access to a swimming pool with hot mineral water in a corridor for 45 minutes in the “Primorski” sports complex, located 20 min. away from Hotel Panorama /Please note that the swimming pool and facilities there are closed during official holidays and special events./

  • One-time visit to a fitness center in the “Primorski” sports complex

  • Use of the sauna 60 min in the “Primorski” sports complex

  • Late check-out until 14:00 to relax a little later the next day

For reservations or questions, please contact us on +359 52 687300 or email:

Here are some of the basic benefits of swimming :

  1. Swimming strengthens muscles

  2. Swimming makes us more flexible

  3. Swimming prolongs life

  4. Swimming improves heartbeat

  5. Swimming optimizes the energy consumption of the body

  6. Swimming has a positive effect on weight

  7. Swimming helps with respiratory problems

  8. Swimming reduces the risk of diabetes

  9. Swimming optimizes brain activity and reduces stress

For reservation or questions please contact us on +359 52 687300 or email