This site uses Cookies – what does it mean?

You’ve probably already read such messages on hundreds of websites in the internet. And the reason is that this is purely required by law. No one has the right to collect your personal data or
information about your behavior online (and offline), and much less use and process them without your explicit consent. And cookies do exactly that. They collect a variety of information
about your personality and its behavior on the Internet. And for any self-respecting website owner, it’s important to have your consent to that. We are also committed to respecting the
rights and freedoms of everyone, so even with the website logging, we attack you with the information that we use Cookies.

What information do our Cookies collect?

Perhaps you are in the field of cookies on both sides – because of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel social networks. What does this mean?

Google Analytics

Google le Analytics is one of the main tools we use to track traffic to our website and our audience profile. The Google platform collects a variety of data that we do not have control over,
but we can monitor and analyze. This includes data about gender, age, location, interests, etc.
We only have access to them in aggregate form, and in no way we can not see which user exactly which pages has viewed and what else he/she has done. We use this information to
make basic conclusions such as what percentage of our visitors are in Bulgaria or other countries, or which our most visited pages are. The truth is that Google Analytics collects
thousands of data types, but if you want to get acquainted with them in detail, you might want to spend a little more time reading their terms and conditions: https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/analy ticsjs / cookie-usage? hl = en

You can disable Google Analytics data collection through the appropriate browser settings using the Cookies Settings button or by clicking on the following link . If you choose the last option on
your computer, an Opt-Out-Cookie (denial cookie) will be created, which prevents the future collection of your data when you visit this page.


Our webpage uses Facebook-Pixel. Facebook-Pixel is an HTML code on our webpage that allows us to set, measure, and optimize the audience for marketing campaigns. Facebook-pixel
measures the conversions of different devices, allows automatically creating target groups of visitors to the site, and re-targeting and creating dynamic ads.
Using Facebook-pixels we do not collect personal information directly, but instead use the available information for the user to re-target our web page when browsing the web. With this
action, however, we do not know any personal information about the particular user, for example, who the user is.

Google AdWords

This website uses Google AdWords, a remarketing and behavioral guidance service provided by Google. With this service, ad activity on www.fenzona.eu connects to the Adwords ad network
through “cookies”. We does not identify or collect user data through Google AdWords.
You can opt-out of showing an ad through Google AdWords here .

Plug-in (Plugins) and Social Media

We may have social media sharing buttons on our page. To do this, we use the AddtoAny app.
When using this application, we do not collect any personal data. Learn about AddtoAny Privacy Policy here .
All sharing buttons are set up in accordance with privacy requirements. Only when you click on the relevant “sharing button” on this website (and only then) a direct link is established between
your browser and the social network administrator’s server. Social network administrators do not collect any personal data from social networks without clicking on the relevant sharing button.
Only for registered members, such data are collected and processed, including the IP address.
If you do not want your visit to our website to be associated with the appropriate social network profile, please sign out of your account on the social network.
As the owner of this website, we do not have any information about the content of the data provided and how it is used by social networks. For more information on using social media
data, see the privacy policy of the relevant social networks.

Registration form

The only place where we directly collect information about you is our account registration form.
I do not want cookies!

Learn how to stop cookies directly from the browser you are using Internet Explorer
Delete existing:
Google Chrome
https: // support t.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=en
Remember, as a user, you have the following rights in terms of personal data:
You have an easy access to the data that is collected for you. This includes providing more information on data processing and ensuring that this information is available in a clear and
comprehensible manner. We hope that the text above explains well how we collect data and what we use it for. Please do not hesitate to write to us if you need more information. We will be
happy to answer!
Right to delete (“right to be forgotten”). When a person no longer wants his/her data to be processed and there is no legitimate reason to store them, the data will be erased.



Withdrawal of consent from the data subject