Baptism is one of the brightest holidays in the life of any Christian family.

A holiday on which you and your loved ones will welcome the introduction of the child into Christianity, symbolically purified and ready to lead a righteous life. Choosing your child’s Godfather or Godmother is very important because they become his or her spiritual parents. The sacrament of Baptism is performed only once in a lifetime and is never repeated.

You need some mandatory accessories to perform the Holy Baptism ritual. In addition, you can prepare additional elements to make the holiday unique.
To make planning easier, we can organize the celebration especially for you.

The offer includes:
1. Exclusive use of the restaurant for 3 hours.
2. Welcome glass of champagne
3. The so-called “Sweet Table” occupies a central place in the decoration of the restaurant. The table is lovely decorated and arranged with balloons and other elements in the style and theme of the event. We arrange all the sweets on it – Marshmallows two types , Muffins one type, Petifura one type, Candy on a stick one type, Special baby cookies (for a boy / girl), Jelly candies .
and of course the Special Baby cake takes main role on the stage. Last but not least, the “Sweet Table” is a wonderful background for your photos.

4. canapes on a tray – caprese, katak, ham, prosciutto, gouda, yellow cheese, lukanka, caviar (8 pieces per person)

5. decoration of the restaurant with balloons, accessories and other decorations in the  theme & style of the event.

6. the cake is imported by the organizers, there is a service fee of BGN 10 . We can refer you to a professional patissier to make your cake.

7. As a sign of full support, we can provide a professional animator for the event, a photographer for an additional fee.

Extra information :
Overtime after the included 3 hours, BGN 20 per hour.
Reservation 7 days in advance